All the Neodynetics pieces are in place

Neodynetics is fully prepared to enter the research and development world and the high technology marketplace!

  • Its laboratory work in Southern California will lead to immediate production, both locally and abroad, utilizing Neodynetic’s advanced technology development and manufacturing associates.
  • It has already undertaken the development of advanced products that will lead to superb energy efficiency, energy production and environmental protection.

Pioneering next-generation solutions

Turning laboratory research into key marketable products of great magnitude

  • Neodynetics is especially adept at conceiving, researching, developing and applying innovative new technologies to create valuable solutions in critical technical areas, providing opportunities for commercial growth and success.
  • Neodynetics specializes in advanced research areas including nano-materials, phononics, ultra thin-film deposition, microstructure assembly and other cutting-edge scientific techniques to produce a new breed of highly-useful and cost-effective product breakthroughs.