Neodynetics Products Currently Under Development

  • New types of transparent, ultra-clean surfaces on glass, metal and textile materials
    • The material surfaces will reject both water-based and oil-based contamination
    • The materials will have the properties of anti-soiling, non-fogging, de-icing, anti-corrosion and non-sticking
    • In scientific terms, the surfaces will exhibit super-hydrophobic and super-oleophobic performance due to their bonded surface nanoparticle geometry
    • The material surfaces will be highly durable, scratch-resistant and permanent
  • Raman-based chemical detection systems that include our multi-use surface enhanced Raman substrate (SERS) for superior Raman spectroscopy
    • With these substrates small Raman-based instruments will detect and identify ultra-trace level chemical compounds in water or air samples in real time
  • Micro-devices for harvesting free vibration energy, ocean wave motion energy and other forms of ambient kinetic energy to generate ample electrical power
    • These energy harvesting systems can continuously generate electric power to recharge batteries for many applications including 1) remote sensors and communication equipment in field application; 2) electric propulsion systems used in small watercraft to operate indefinitely by harvesting the kinetic energy of ocean wave motion
  • Wind power systems that convert the wind’s kinetic energy of motion to electric power without using turbine generators
    • Using our patented piezoelectric approach, these systems generate ample power, operate in silence, have no safety concerns, can be placed anywhere and are highly cost effective
  • Advanced piezoelectric power pads to generate electric power from the normal mechanical forces impacting sidewalks and roadways to power lights and signs
  • Innovative semi-conducting thin films used in our efficient solar-powered electrolysis system to capture free hydrogen and oxygen from sea water
  • Integrated micro-fluidic devices for biometric instruments

Neodynetics is seeking joint venture partners, sponsors and collaborators to work with us in transforming these systems from prototype to commercial product and in bringing them to market. All interested parties should feel free to contact us.