About Neodynetics

Neodynetics Corporation is located in Los Angeles County, in the heart of Southern California’s R/D industry. The staff consists of a select group of highly creative and motivated scientists with extensive experience in conducting advanced projects. Neodynetics’ core team includes PhD scientists, engineers, technicians and business management experts. The team has combined research project experience of over 50 years and has managed over $100MM in research and development funds. They have held senior scientific, engineering and management positions in government agencies, major universities and industrial firms. The team is expanded as needed to meet specific project needs, drawing from a superior network of science, engineering and project management talent in the area.

In an effort to accelerate the development of new technology, the team members joined together to form Neodynetics, pooled their resources, and began developing critical concepts and scientific breakthroughs in response to DOD, DOE, and EPA solicitations and other project funding opportunities. The company operates fully functional laboratories equipped with the advanced instruments needed for its work. In carrying out its varied projects, Neodynetics often collaborates with UCLA, other regional universities and private companies to supplement its extensive in-house capabilities.

Since its inception, Neodynetics has been a pioneer in research and development of next generation sensors, renewable energy systems, MEMS devices and nano-materials. The firm has expertise in technologies including phononics, ultrathin-film deposition, and microstructure assembly. The team brings a rich and complimentary background with proven track record in the fields of optics, physics, material science, chemistry, biochemistry, engineering and product commercialization. It applies this expertise to the design and production of highly useful and cost-effective products based on innovative scientific concepts and engineering designs that result in product breakthroughs.

The company has been awarded multiple patents to protect its inventions. With an extensive peer network, the team at Neodynetics continues to advance the state-of-the-art as it contributes to numerous R&D projects nationwide.