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Developing Neodynetics’ new glass, metal and textile surface treatment

Neodynetics is in the midst of developing an advanced surface modification technology which is super-hydrophobic-oleophobic

  • The final product will have many applications, including glass, metal and textile surface modification for military and commercial uses like self-cleaning  windshields, de-icing surfaces, no-fog goggles, and in vivo medical device surface--science having built-in anti-soiling properties.
    The potential applications of this development are endless.

Technology is based on micro-nano structured super-hydrophobic/oleophobic surface modification technology

        Product’s advantages over current approaches:

  • Far greater resistance to water and oil-based dirt

  • Super hydrophobic/oleophobic properties

  • Low-weight

  • Flexible and air-permeable

  • Transparent (>90% transparency)

  • Mechanical robustness and durability

  • Low cost

  • Nonhazardous

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