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The Neodynetics Team

Uniting top scientific talent and business savvy


Senior Research Scientist and Principle Investigator holds a B.S. in solid state physics and Ph.D.  in physical chemistry, and  has over a decade of experience as a research scientist and program manager at major institutions and companies including the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he worked on surface and thin film chemistry and the assembly of super-molecules with mechanical-interlocked groups.  At UCLA, he also worked in the Center for Embedded Networked Sensing in the field of MEMS fabrication, Nanoelctromechanical system (NEMS), molecular electronics, and bio and chemical sensors.  His work included specialized research in polymer physics, physical chemistry, surface chemistry, thin film chemistry, Physical Optics, MEMS, nanotechnology and microfluidics.
Director of Operations, BS Engineering and MBA from UCLA, brings to the company over 20 years of technical expertise in federal program management, consulting, project management, system engineering, financial analysis and resource management.
Director of Business Development has over 25 years of proven experience in the private sector as an entrepreneur in the design and construction of computer systems and networks. He has an extensive background in management, marketing and business development, specifically related to advanced electronics devices and products.

This input of scientific knowledge and experience sets the stage for cutting edge development and rapid product commercialization

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